Monday, January 19, 2009

A Cry Silenced

A pessimist would say their glass is half empty, an optimist would say their glass is half full.
I say, my glass is half full, there is room for more, whatcha wait'n for, filler 'er up please. :)

My dad was a soft spoken, kind hearted, gentle man. He was the biggest influence in my life. On occasion when I would do stupid kid stuff, my dad would say to me "you must have been dropped on your head as baby". I always thought this kind of odd but didn't ask what he meant. I lost my dad in 1984, I think of him everyday and miss him.

My mom and dad were married sometime before I was born. One might say I was an unexpected event. My mother was 31 and my dad was 37. We lived in a two room apartment, one was the kitchen and the other larger room served as the bedroom and living room. It was attached to other apartments to form a square. I remember there was a community outhouse in the center of the square of apartments and across the street were buildings referred to as 'cribs', where winos and prostitutes hung out. Down the street at the end of the the apartments was a liquor store and attached to that was a neighborhood grocery.
Later on as an adult a close family friend told me a story about how my mother, when she could not get me to quit crying would throw me against the wall. I was lucky, I didn't suffer any broken bones or brain damage. I asked my older brother about these incidents as there is quite a bit that I don't remember and he said he remembers discussions about my being thrown against the wall.

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Joyce said...

I am so thankful that you were preserved from greater harm. Your dad sounds like a gentle person.

I have been thinking a lot about Romans 8:28, where the Lord says that all things work together for good to them that love Him. He doesn't say that all the things are good, but that He causes them to work together for good, to those who love him.

Sometimes I really regret some of my experiences and weaknesses, yet, by God's grace, I will trust that these things too work together for my good. With all my failings and irrationality, He can and will bring good out of it.

Thank you for sharing your story.