Sunday, May 23, 2010

Returning, Reconnecting and relationships

Now that my son is in the United States. Seems it is more important that ever to establish routine contact and strengthen the relationship. Moving anywhere new has its pitfalls and new adventures. Especially important to let him know that his family is here to give support.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Military son back in the U.S.

Been a while since I blogged. My son is back in the United States and attending school. It is comforting to know he is on the same continent as his family. We get to visit by skype now which is fabulous.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Science education

I was thinking about how much I love science and anything that has to do with science. My fifth grade teacher probably thought she was doing something special, however, that is not what it felt like at the time. I always thought she didn't care for any of the children who lived in the orphanage and I was the only one from the orphanage in her class that year. I remember being lined up with the rest of my fifth grade class in front of the chalk board in the order of how we scored on our academic tests. I was the last one called up for history, math, English, geography and reading in other words, the student with the lowest scores. However, imagine my teacher's surprise when she had to call my name first, for the highest score in the subject of science. This experience taught me, if you don't give up, everyone has at least one thing at which they can excel. The secret is to keep trying until you find that one thing.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wondering what happened to others

The orphanage was quite large and there seemed to be a lot of children there. I often wonder what happened to them. When my dad remarried he took my brother and I from the orphanage and we returned to Casper. I had received one letter from one of the sisters, however my new stepmother became angry and insisted I read the letter to her. She ripped the letter from my hands and tore it up. If I received any additional letters from people from the orphanage I don't know. She was very controlling. The sisters at the orphanage were so influential in my formative years I would have liked to remain in contact.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new year 2010

The holidays were wonderful. My son bought a ticket for me to fly to Germany to visit. He and his girlfriend made me feel welcome and went above and beyond to see that I had a splendid time. I never dreamed I would get to go to Germany. What a beautiful country and the people were very gracious. David and Anke took me to see the Cathedrals which were breathtaking and awesome. I met some of David's friends and co-workers. While I was there we attended a medieval dinner that was quite entertaining. The host spoke only in German so one of the guests would translate for those in the party who were not fluent in German. The food was good and the entertainment was hardy. At night there were stands set up that sold gluvine, a warmed wine that was delicious. There was lots of snow and the atmosphere was very festive. The German cuisine is extraordinary and I was particularly impressed with the salads. Each restaurant had there own signature salad dressing that was made fresh daily. I sampled a few of the beers at the different pubs. I could definitely become enamored with beer if I lived in Germany. Wonderful memories.