Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new year 2010

The holidays were wonderful. My son bought a ticket for me to fly to Germany to visit. He and his girlfriend made me feel welcome and went above and beyond to see that I had a splendid time. I never dreamed I would get to go to Germany. What a beautiful country and the people were very gracious. David and Anke took me to see the Cathedrals which were breathtaking and awesome. I met some of David's friends and co-workers. While I was there we attended a medieval dinner that was quite entertaining. The host spoke only in German so one of the guests would translate for those in the party who were not fluent in German. The food was good and the entertainment was hardy. At night there were stands set up that sold gluvine, a warmed wine that was delicious. There was lots of snow and the atmosphere was very festive. The German cuisine is extraordinary and I was particularly impressed with the salads. Each restaurant had there own signature salad dressing that was made fresh daily. I sampled a few of the beers at the different pubs. I could definitely become enamored with beer if I lived in Germany. Wonderful memories.


Joyce said...

Hi Betty,

What a wonderful time, and what a loving and generous son and daughter-in-law!

My husband and I enjoy microbrewed beers, so would have fun sampling those different beers in Germany, too, though I doubt we will ever make it over there.

Did I ever tell you that our almost 18-year old daughter is enrolled in a medical tech prep class through the highschool which is taught at our local hospital? She is loving it, and has been accepted for the 2nd semester, during which she will get to do some externships, and get her CNA training!!!

Anke said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you share it with everybody! You're welcome to visit Germany whenever you want to. Just let me know and I'll find a place for you to stay!

Geriatric Nursing said...

Joyce that is wonderful. We need more nursing assistants. I hope she finds it rewarding and continues on in her endeavor. Good to hear from you.