Monday, February 8, 2010

Science education

I was thinking about how much I love science and anything that has to do with science. My fifth grade teacher probably thought she was doing something special, however, that is not what it felt like at the time. I always thought she didn't care for any of the children who lived in the orphanage and I was the only one from the orphanage in her class that year. I remember being lined up with the rest of my fifth grade class in front of the chalk board in the order of how we scored on our academic tests. I was the last one called up for history, math, English, geography and reading in other words, the student with the lowest scores. However, imagine my teacher's surprise when she had to call my name first, for the highest score in the subject of science. This experience taught me, if you don't give up, everyone has at least one thing at which they can excel. The secret is to keep trying until you find that one thing.

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Joyce said...

Hi, Betty,

I imagine, as you continued on with your schooling, that the other subjects improved, too.

I believe that it is so good to encourage children to know their gifts and interests. It is so much more likely that a child will excel at something which has truly caught his interest.