Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Ways to survive the Holidays
1. When I'm feeling financial strain- I have a cup of tea and be thankful that I have a job and know that the bills will eventually get paid. Others don't have jobs, some don't have homes.
2. When feeling lonely because David won't be home for Christmas I try to do something in honor of his service in the military and know he is doing what he can to make someone else's holiday a little better. This year I will read a poem at our office Christmas party about the night before Christmas when Santa visits a lonely soldier's quarters.
3. When feeling sad that David will be in a foreign land serving his country I sent him two boxes of homemade goodies.
4. When feeling nostalgic I wear a holiday pin that David gave me when he was about three years old. It was a plastic Merry Christmas pin with a nurse on it. He only had $1.00 to spend; he went to the clerk and whispered "I want to get my mom a present". She took him over to the case with different pieces of jewelry and holiday pins. When he spotted the nurse pin he told her "I would like that pin, please". I think the pin was a little more than a dollar but the clerk sold it to him for the dollar he had. Back in those days Kay's Family clothing was the small town clothing, sewing supply and country store. Today that store is no longer there but I have fond memories of shopping in Kay's Family Clothing.
5. When thinking of friends and family that I haven't seen for a long time; Phil and I write a Christmas letter with the year's news in hopes we might hear back from them and hope they are doing well.
6. When I stress that I haven't bought everything that I think my loved ones want; I have to remember that Christmas isn't about getting everything on the wish list, but humbly remembering all the wonderful blessings, the simple joys of everyday living and all the good things the past year has bestowed, being ever hopeful for the coming year to be nearly as blessed.
7. Do something fun. Like wear the jingle bell earrings that drive Phil crazy and buy myself fruitcake even though I am the only one who will eat any of it.
8. Try to be sensitive to others that may not be as fortunate as I have been this past year. There is a mother in our office with an inoperable brain tumor that now has ruptured discs in her back facing surgery and i've heard of many workers have been let go due to budget deficits. It is important to try to lift spirits and share the burdens of others even when all we can do is listen.
9. Sending out Christmas cards always seems like one more thing to get done, however I so enjoy getting cards that I find the time to send out cards, that hopefully will lift a friends' spirits.
10. I remember past Christmas' when my dad was alive. He was so generous. If someone asked him for five dollars he would open his wallet; give them ten and never expect to be paid back. I always miss him especially at Christmas even though he has been gone 24 years.
11. I try to watch a children's Christmas program or Christmas carolers. I find them uplifting.
12. I try to stay connected to family and make phone calls to let them know someone is thinking about them.
13. I usually have one glass of eggnog in honor of my grandfather. He celebrated Christmas with what he called a 'white Christmas' eggnog with a shot of bourbon.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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Denise Patrick said...

Great list. I think we all need to remember not only our service personnel overseas, but also those at home less fortunate than we are.

Happy TT!

Adelle said...

There's some really good suggestions there. Christmas can be tough when remembering those who aren't with us for the holidays. I wish you and Phil miles of smiles this Holiday season.

Brenda ND said...

Great suggestions. Holidays can be hard. Thanks for sharing.

MInTheGap said...

Some great ideas for replacing what "could have been" for what is. Hope you both have a great Christmas.

Happy T13!