Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hide the bottle

How ever good or bad a situation is, it will change.

One of the few memories I have as a toddler was the time I hid my mother's whiskey bottle from her. I remember I did not like when my mother drank and I watched where she stored her bottle. It was way up high above the kitchen sink. One afternoon she was not watching me, I don't know where she was at the time. I decided if I hid the bottle then she wouldn't drink. I was too short to reach the kitchen counter so I pulled one of the kitchen chairs over to the counter, crawled up onto the chair and then managed to pull myself up onto the counter top. From there I opened the kitchen cabinet doors and scaled the shelves. When I got up as high as I could go I reached over and opened the cabinet above the kitchen sink. As I hung onto the cabinet door with one hand I reached over with the other hand and grasped the whiskey bottle. I then closed the cabinet and some how managed to climb down the kitchen shelves, close those doors, drop to the counter top without dropping the bottle. From there I got down onto the kitchen chair and climbed down to the floor and pushed the kitchen chair back where it belonged. I then took the bottle outside and buried it deep in my sand box. I felt such a sense of accomplishment, however short lived. Wasn't too long before my mother went to get her bottle and soon figured out who the culprit was. She asked me where the bottle was and made me go and get it.

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Joyce said...

That is so sad...
You were a brave little girl, that's for sure. :)