Friday, February 27, 2009

New Place to lay my head

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.

I remember dad driving onto the Children's home property. It was a bright sunny day. There was beautiful manicured green grass at least 5 acres, sidewalks, trees, a large parking lot and this huge huge brick building. I thought this surely must be a castle. I counted four levels of windows, probably four floors and at least a city block long looking at the front of the building. Where we came from a block usually had eight to ten houses with yards down each side of the street. I remember the three of us walking into this sunlit atrium that was the entrance and walking up two flights of stairs. It seemed the floor and stairs were made from marble they were so shiny and I could make my heels click as we walked across the entrance. Everything looked so pretty. We met with Father M. I immediately liked him, he reminded me of my grandfather and had the kindest eyes I had ever seen besides my dad's. Thinking back, although my brother and I were anxious, it must have been extremely hard on dad to leave us there. He promised he would return in two weeks to visit us. Dad came every two weeks for five years and brought two large grocery boxes one for each of us, that contained apples & oranges, candies, cookies and candy bars, every time he came. Didn't matter what the weather was or road conditions our dad was at that children's home every two weeks. He came on Saturday morning and would leave Sunday afternoon.

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Joyce said...

Hi, Betty,

It sounds like Father M was the right person to oversee the care of so many kids.

I feel as if I would like your dad very much. It makes me happy that he came so faithfully to see you and your brother. <3