Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

What a beautiful day to celebrate Father's Day. I think back to my own father, who was the most soft spoken, gentle person I ever knew. I do not remember my father ever raising his voice to either my brother or myself. And he never spanked us. He raised us by example, he went to church every weekend. If someone came to him needing money without a second thought reached for his wallet and gave what he had. He was as nonjudgemental as a person could be. The most he ever made was $5.00 an hour and that was after working for the standard oil company 20 years. He saved diligently and loved his children and grandchildren to a fault. He would be pleased that I wrote today's blog entry in honor of him. I'm sure he is in heaven smiling down on us. I hope as I raised my children that I was able to impart some of those values that my father taught me. He served four years in the navy. I know he is proud of David serving in the army in Iraq.

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