Saturday, June 21, 2008

Purse no longer personal!

Yesterday evening my husband and I went to the movie theater to see a movie. We bought tickets and proceeded into the theater. At the position where they tear the tickets the young girl tells me she needs to look into my purse. I smile and say no. (there is nothing in my purse) She is taken aback by this and again says I need you to open your purse and look inside, again I smile and say no. An older girl was there with her and she began telling us that they needed to look inside my purse before they could let us in. I smiled and said no. (I came to the theater to watch a movie not be searched and I had a headache so of course cooperation was out of the question.) At this point my husband asks to see the manager. The manager comes over and trying to sound authoritative tells us he needs to look inside my purse to search for weapons, guns, knives, video equipment and drugs. Here we are two middle aged grandparents and they want to search my purse. I again smile and say no. At which point my husband requests we be refunded our money and we leave. I felt bad for the young lady taking the tickets, she should not be put in that position. If she found a gun, knife, video equipment or drugs what was she suppose to do? If they feel that type of clientele is coming to the movie theater the management needs to have the police there or trained security personnel. Its bad enough to have to be subjected to a search at the airports. (I have flown quite a bit since 9/11 and appreciate the airline attempting to keep us safe). I refuse to be searched in a movie theater in my home town that we have frequented over the past ten years at least twice a month. I wonder what David would have said if he had been with us.


Kimberley said...

Next time you go to the movies get an empty purse and fill it with Condoms, Tampons, KY, and sperm aside. So they would be greatly embarrassed when you opened your purse. I think that is unreal, what if you would have had a gun. Would they call the police, would they take it from you, and if you have a concealed hand gun permit then what??

HoosierArmyMom said...

Wow, you most certainly did the right thing on that one. The next step is to write a letter to the editor of the local paper and give them some bad press. Not only is that a ridiculous policy, I'm with you, they are endangering the lives of young people who work there. If someone enters a theater with the intention of shooting someone, they will just start with the ticket taker! The police are the only ones who have the right to search your purse and then it is only with just cause. I think they need to invest in the same metal detectors schools use and a couple of drug sniffing dogs, if they have those kinds of problems. I kind of think it is the actions of anti-second amendment management myself. Sorry this stupidity ruined your evening out, and I hope it isn't coming to a theater near everyone soon!

Army of Dad said...

Good for you. We should never give in to these privacy invasions. Though to be fair this would never happen where we live-the person may well legally have a gun.

Anonymous said...

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